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BRAEGS owner Joshua Smith has a big vision for the world, and wants to leave a lasting legacy for his children. The name of the company itself is an amalgam of his children and family name, but the direction of the company was in need of refinement. The original brand from the company launch in 2020 also had run its course, and Joshua requested Liberty Rose Studios to design a new brand that communicated legacy, class, and power.


By incorporating pieces of Joshua Smith’s family crest, and selecting fonts that evoke a sense of luxury, we provided the client with several brand directions to choose from which had different fonts, colors, and patterns. After the direction was selected, it was extended on the BRAEGS website, which included copywriting & editing based on client interviews and notes they provided. Lastly, Joshua Smith’s personal LinkedIn profile was edited and expanded to articulate his value as a sales & marketing trainer.


We chose to buck the trend of minimalism in branding, by giving BRAEGS something ornate, and timeless.


Using elements of nature and aspects of the client’s past, we showed off their big ideas with bold words & imagery.


After identifying keywords the client wanted to be found for, we crafted their profile to attract new business.

"You two are divine."
Joshua Smith

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