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A team of former Navy SEALS who returned home from service bonded together under the common goal to continue protecting the American people from their new position as private citizens. They understood the need for public spaces to have defensive measures that can help prevent the rise of random gun violence plaguing the country. Selling such a solution proved difficult due to the sensitive nature of the problem. The question our engagement sought to answer was, “How do we generate engagement with a topic most people try not to ever think about?”


The ZeroEyes team were bootstrapping their way to developing an advanced object recognition system that could detect guns on camera systems, send alerts to interested stakeholders, and integrate with other building systems to keep people safe from active shooters. They had an intriguing brand identity, but required some staples in their marketing arsenal including extensions such as sell sheets, a full-website, blog strategy & posts, pitch deck, business cards, and specific marketing linguistics to help direct sales activity based on industry segment. Throughout this phase, we made introductions to various investors and potential technology partners to help develop their overall business. Lastly, we were brought across the country to the ISC West trade in order to help secure new partners and customers. We leveraged this experience to produce (3) marketing videos and generated public relations mentions within the industry trade press as well as Canadian Broadcast Corporation.


Using the existing brand identity, we expanded how the client presented themselves to different audiences in order to quickly accelerate their growth.


Our philosophy is that technology companies who solve real world problems generate a lot of long-term value by using outdoor advertising and event-based marketing.


We introduced the client to various different types of potential partners, customers, and identified competitive risks that were previously unknown or unacknowledged.

"Great work guys!...How it works video is killer."
Dustin Brooks
Chief Learning Officer

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